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Garnishment Relief

Garnishments are nasty methods the IRS uses to collect on their debt. They swoop down on your bank account or paycheck, remove most or all of the funds you’ve got coming to you.

If this has happened, there are ways to get that money back but you must act within a short period of time. I’ve been very successful at helping in this regard.

Did you know that if your bank account is garnished, you have up to 21 days to make other arrangements with the IRS because financial institutions are required to hang onto those funds for that period of time before sending it on to the IRS? If you act quickly, chances are you can retrieve those funds. I’ve even seen where the IRS gave notice to a taxpayer of an impending garnishment (30 days) and they’ve not waited the full 30 days to garnish. It is possible to retrieve those funds on that basis alone.

Wage garnishments are a bit trickier. Employers generally have at least one full pay period after receiving a Notice of Levy before they are required to send any funds from their employee’s wages. The time period to get this released is shorter than the bank levy, but it is still possible to reverse that levy and enter into other types of relief.