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Installment Agreement

If other IRS programs don’t work, I can work out a payment plan to pay back taxes, interest and penalties over a period of time that can extend for years. The IRS leaves you alone when we’ve got one in place.

Some IAs are guaranteed if:

  • You owe less than $10,000
  • You have for the previous 5 years timely filed your returns and paid all amounts due on time
  • You agree to fully pay within 3 years
  • You have no other way to pay the debt now


IF the IRS accepts your Installment Agreement Request, it usually takes only a month or so to get it in place. If it does not accept your request, I will negotiate to work out a solution acceptable to you. If you establish an installment agreement and violate its terms, I can still work to get it re-established. If your circumstances change, an installment agreement can be re-negotiated.

Of course there are strings attached:

  • you agree to file returns and pay all future taxes on time (including making all quarterly estimated payments on time)
  • your refunds during the time of the installment agreement will be withheld and applied to your outstanding debt.