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IRS Audits & Examinations

Our government is broke. It needs to generate revenue and uses the IRS to help recover taxes it believes it should get. There is an estimiated $4 billion tax gap.

The chances of you or your business getting audited are greater than ever, and certain income levels and types of entities are being targeted. You don’t want to go this one alone!

Audits (or Examination) representation is a service in which an experienced individual with the credentials required by the IRS responds to an IRS audit. This audit may be by mail, at a local office or at your place of business or home. The process involves gathering the appropriate documentation necessary to support income or deductions (or both) reported on a return previously filed. This information will be presented to the auditor and explained and defended. After an audit is concluded, a determination will be made as to whether there is additional tax with possible interest and penalties. If necessary and we don’t agree, there is an appeals process available. Many steps can and will be taken to protect your interests at every stage of the process.