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Prior Year Returns

Sometimes you get behind and are afraid to file after that. Unfortunately, the IRS doesn’t forget about you and consequences are worse than ever.

If you lost records, I can still help you file your returns as there are ways to retrieve/reconstruct information to file a satisfactory return. The IRS gets really cranky after a while and may file their own version of your return from records they have received. They are not generous with deductions, exemptions and credits and can legally assess what they think you owe. This is called a “Substitute for Return.” You will want to prepare your own returns for results that are much easier on your bank account.

I can contact the IRS through the authority of the Power of Attorney to obtain a “Wage & Income Transcript.” This gives me enough information to prepare your return even though you may not have those records any longer. I can also help you to reasonably estimate expenses for deductions. Many times the IRS will accept these estimates if actual records are not available.