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Tax Return & Preparation

I concentrate my practice on two things: preparing taxes and getting people out of trouble with the IRS. By limiting myself to these areas, I can specialize in them.

Even after 24 tax seasons, I still learn new things every day. If I’m still learning, how confident are you that you have prepared your return utilizing all of the current tax laws? I am not an “assembly line” tax preparer. You will get personalized attention and ideas.

Tax return preparation is an “after the fact” service. When we meet, I will identify areas that will help you lower your tax bill for the future by suggesting planning strategies. These might include adjusting withholding amount, preparing quarterly estimated tax vouchers, and contributing to retirement accounts. If you have a business, I can suggest ways to adjust the timing of your income and expenses, advise whether to buy vehicles and equipment and when to do so, offer depreciation alternatives, etc. Sometimes, there are even strategies to minimize the current year’s taxes.

We will always review the return together, discuss options, plan strategies. Your return is electronically filed so there is a clear trail to ensure receipt by the IRS.

My office is open year-round to provide mid-year checkups and to always answer questions.


‘Tis easier to plan than it is to fix.’