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Taxpayer Representation

Every IRS Problem Has A Solution! By selecting someone with experience and a success record, you can get out.

Imagine that good night’s sleep! A large part of the process is diagnosing the problem and finding the best solution possible. Dealing with the IRS is nearly impossible: You need to reach a real person, then find someone who has the authority to help. My years of experience have taught me how to go right to the appropriate department and get the resolution my clients need.

I am your advocate. They contact me and I deal with them. No more direct contact by house or office visits, telephone calls and certified letters. I will have you fill out a Form 2848 Power of Attorney that will be submitted to the IRS. This gives the IRS permission to talk to me about your tax issue and to advocate on your behalf.

One of the beauties of this Form 2848 is that I will get a copy of the same notice that you get for the years listed on the Power of Attorney. I can interpret these notices (they are NOT taxpayer friendly) and explain to you in plain English what’s going on. The IRS isn’t always right and many times explaining why they aren’t right is enough to stop any IRS action. Part of my initial investigation of your situation is to determine if a simple solution is available FIRST.

IRS representation is a specialty area of my practice. I have devoted hundreds of hours to formal education that includes case studies, lectures, peer consultation, class time and hundreds more on my own self-educating to learn the intricacies of this area. Not all attorneys practice real estate law, not all doctors are surgeons, and not all CPAs dig into IRS problem resolution. You will want someone familiar and knowledgeable about IRS procedure to take care (and prevent) adverse IRS action.